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Carolina Sweets


Height : 5'2"

Weight : 98

Eye Color : Blue

Date of Birth : 1996-09-29

Zodiac : Libra

Hobbies : Sex; playing with myself, and walks

Twitter : https://twitter.com/@xCarolinaSweets

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Carolina Sweets's Biography :

Carolina Sweets is a Libra. She was born and raised in Champaign IL in 1996. Having a big family she had a lot of rough days growing up. Not having much of a religious background, she did, however, go to church to make her grandmother happy growing up and does believe in something. Always promiscuous as a teen she had his first sexual experience with her boyfriend in her dad's room while all her siblings and stepmom were in the house. Speaking of her wildest non-sexual encounters she once drove a four-wheeler and flipped it. She visited some friends in Alabama and went cliff diving. Prior to her career in the adult industry, she mainly wanted to work with animals. She got her start in the business by camming because she needed money and found that she loved the attention she was getting. Once she got an offer to do porn she jumped right in. Her favorite movie is Labyrinth with David Bowie. Growing up on it, every time she hears the music it gets to her. She loves watching horror/thriller movies alone as it her freaks her out and one of her dreams was always to be on a set. Outside of the biz, she loves keeping in touch with fans via social media as well as listening to music and tanning when the weather permits. She described her experience of shooting a scene for PureTaboo as amazing and feels it's the best company she's ever worked for. Regarding how Pure Taboo will affect society she feels it could open the minds of a lot of the viewers as they can relate to the content.

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Want to see Carolina  Sweets with 2 or 3 man
2018-02-10 06:28
 CAROLINA SWEETS hanging herself is too much that was disturbing!
2017-12-05 08:13
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