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Kenzie Reeves


Height : 4'10"

Weight : 86

Eye Color : Hazel

Date of Birth : 1997-07-07

Zodiac : Cancer

Hobbies : Horseback riding

Twitter : https://twitter.com/kenziereevesxxx

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Kenzie Reeves's Biography :

Kenzie Reeves is a Cancer. She was born and raised in Concord New Hampshire in 1997. Her religious background is Mormon. She had his first sexual experience with a girl while attending church camp, they went off and ended up making out and scissoring until one of her councilors walked in on them, they got in so much trouble that they were sent home early. Despite being very sexual growing up, she had such strict up bringing that she never had the chance to do anything. Describing her three wildest non-sexual encounters she says that she ran naked through the mall of America, went Scuba diving in Bermuda and dropped 17 tabs of acid at once. Prior to her working in the adult industry she wanted to open her own stripping agency. Her start in the business came from being a dancer doing shows around the country for almost 2 years which prompted her curiosity to branch out in the adult industry. Her favorite movie is Boondock Saints, because she loves the history of Boston, its "bad ass" and her favorite actors are in it. She enjoys horror/thriller movies because of the acting. It presents an intensity that makes a person feel like they're going through it themselves. Offset she enjoys activities like horseback riding, dancing, and learning languages. She believes PureTaboo will affect society in a positive light by bringing more mainstream ideas like serious acting into porn because basically, all porn is just a movie with sex in it. She's never been caught doing something taboo but it wouldn't bother her in the least if she was.

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Looks like she has been to silicon valley; not the same girl now.
2018-09-21 16:24
Life is a bitch
Stupid girls dont understand that they dont need sylicone
2020-03-15 12:26
Lovely body with six pack. She works out. Overdoes the eye rolling
2018-04-27 15:31
Theatricality is an underutilized tool in the modern day performers/actors tool belt. Personally, I sometimes gag when I brush my teeth.

Kenzie is one of my favoritest persons in the whole wide world! You are as extreme as jumping out of a plane with no parachute! You can do it Kenzie!!
2021-10-02 16:29
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