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Whitney Wright


Height : 5'6"

Weight : 115

Eye Color : Brown

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Whitney Wright's Biography :

Whitney Wright was born on September 20, 1991 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. She is an actress. Growing up in Oklahoma in a private Christian School, Wright was keen to jump into the opportunities first given to her in the adult industry. Coming from such a background she was not allowed to date, and there weren't any Proms. Such a restricted existence can certainly weight heavily on her teenage mind. Her first forays toward adult were with stripping, an art she continues to love, and this taught her to feel proud of her best work. She sites some of her most prideful experiences as those that led her to work her hardest. From her beginning in the Adult Industry only a year ago until now, she has become an avid traveler. She's been around the world to 16 different locations all by herself as she continues to make friends and contacts in Adult. She is a vegan and a huge animal activist. These life experiences have proven that she has what it takes to act in Pure Taboo. Her best work is that which satisfies her, and that which challenges her to do the best job she can. This ambition can also be seen in her aptitude to become a Nurse and continue to help people and animals alike in rural areas where others are too afraid to go.

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Truly a Hall of Fame porn star with breathtaking real natural beauty and stunning acting ability. I would love to see her star with Steve Holmes or Dick Chibbles as the step-dad who discovers her stripping in a club and dominates her there and at home.
2018-12-10 13:43
Thank you so much. :) I've worked with both of them for other sites and I'd love to work with them here! Both of them would do well in that role, and that would be hot. ;)
2018-12-26 15:02
i don't know how you do it Whitney, you keep getting better with each video, just when i think you reached the top you go 10x times higher, you are such a talented actress, i hope you continue to  improve and show us how talented you are
2018-07-24 22:55
Thank you again, Norm :) I have a feeling you'll love the next thing I'm in! :)
2018-08-09 00:36
Joe Nation
I'm just getting around to discovering Whitney. I have watched A Mother's Choice and... Damn! Whitney, you are too fine! I'm excited to watch The Pickle and Prom Night. I love a good gangbang with a beautiful girl! Can't wait to see more from you!
2018-07-03 15:38
Thank you! :)
2018-07-23 15:50
Whitney you phenomenal in last house, i think this was you best shoot on the site, looking forward so much to seeing you in plenty more scenes. you are a fantastic actress and the sex is always 10 out of 10.
2018-05-04 11:24
Thank you as always, Norm! This is my favorite company to work for and I'm extremely proud of all my scenes that come out so it means a lot to me that people like you, who have known me since I first started, continue to support me and give me meaningful compliments like that, so thank you.
2018-05-05 04:21
you are so welcome Whitney, you are such a great actress and with each scene you keep improving so much. im proud to have been there right from your beginning. you will always have my support and love
2018-05-06 22:26
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